What I offer

Your person and situation is unique. Among my offerings you may find one that is most fitting for you. If you have other needs, please don’t hesitate to invite me to explore other possibilities.
Next to dance movement therapy and body-oriented coaching, I offer dance and movement classes to engage your whole being – body, mind, emotions– with other fellows in a similar journey. Be welcome!

Dance Movement Therapy

Dance movement therapy is an experiential, creative and body-oriented form of psychotherapy. The premise is that body and mind are interconnected. Our posture and the way we move reflect how we approach life and how we relate to others. When words are not enough or limited, movement can often open us up to deep feelings and rich meaning of our experience. When we move and dance, we get the mind out of the way and reconnect with the wisdom of our body. Dance and movement becomes a catalyst to a process of self-discovery and transformation.
Individualcouple or group session is possible.
If you want to..

  • increase body awareness & feel comfortable in your own skin
  • feel more connected to your own body
  • allow more creativity & spontaneity in your life
  • improve self-esteem and body image
  • balance thinking, feeling, doing
  • gain insight into your patterns of behaviour
  • develop compassion for yourself & others
  • create new possibilities for coping with problems
  • develop greater self awareness and resilience
For whom?

  • You struggle with depression, stress or burnout
  • You are dealing with psychosomatic or psychological disorder
  • You stay too much in your head
  • You struggle to express your feelings
  • You’re going through big changes in your life
  • You have concern about the wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional – of yourself or loved one(s)
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Body-Oriented Coaching

Body-oriented coaching is a goal-oriented therapy that focuses on your personal development. Think of for instance, tackling challenges in your (inter)personal or professional life. As you have the will to grow, you actively seek to confront your inner fear, step beyond your comfort zone. Or you may be dealing with a new situation that demands your resourcefulness to adapt. This coaching will provide you with tools to engage your body as an ally in this process of growth.
Individual session is most suitable for coaching.
If you want to..

  • grow to your potential
  • develop self-confidence & self-esteem
  • improve your non-verbal & verbal communication
  • build personal leadership
  • explore the balance between assertiveness & compassion
  • manage stress in your daily life
  • feel better in your own skin
  • be more compassionate towards yourself & others
For whom?

  • You have a personal challenge you don’t want to tackle alone
  • You feel limited in some areas in your life
  • You are going through a personal crisis
  • You want to get in touch more with your body
  • You want to live your life with more authenticity & freedom
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Companies are made of people. The humans are the lifeblood of business success. To grow together as a company means embracing diversity. It also means caring to support the whole person who is the employee. This starts with an awareness about the importance of a balanced body to nourish a healthy mind and overall wellbeing. Think of dance and movement, and the non-verbal to address topics such as stress/burnout, adapting in a new job/culture/country (for expats), team building activities, personal leadership, communication, and so on.
Do you see the need for this in your workplace or community? Let’s have a talk!
In-company workshops are best done in groups, though individual coaching is also possible.
If you want to..

  • de-stress at your workplace
  • uplift the mood with something different!
  • strengthen team spirit
  • improve communication in/between teams
  • invest in your employees’ personal development
For whom?

  • You have diverse colleagues you want to connect with
  • You are organising an event and need a refreshing activity
  • You want some spice in your daily meetings
  • You wish for a more inspiring Monday
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What more?

More possibilities ahead, please feel welcome to contact me and discuss your idea. I’ll be happy to think along with you to give a concrete form to the idea. It could be for your organisation, community or group of friends. Get moving to let the creativity juice flowing. Or, bring playfulness & freshness through dancing together. Tell me, what do you have in mind?
Group session is most suitable for this outreaching possibility.
If you want to..

  • bring people together through dance & movement
  • organise a team-building activity or outing
  • experience a playful way to connect with your friends/colleagues/family
  • have (thematic) dance lessons in your living room (or e.g. in care homes)
For whom?

  • Either you are enthusiastic or doubtful about new experience
  • You enjoy music & want to move along with it
  • You want to move and dance but are limited in any way
  • You are of any age, fitness level, cultural background
Let’s talk about possibilities
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Appointments & Inquiries

Inform yourself further or sign up to any of my offerings. First consultation (intake) is always free and non-binding. Contact me by phone or email or by leaving a message below.