How it works

Considering going for therapy or coaching is a brave first step of self-acceptance. It will set you out on a rewarding journey to yourself. You may feel the urge to assess on forehand what you’re getting into, it’s completely understandable! In any case, we will have a chance to discuss these practical details during our intake session. So you can stop reading right here and make an appointment right away. Or alternatively, you can read on to inform yourself further.


In our sessions, we work with the non-verbal language of the body and the movement – that is, our dance.


We also talk, to reflect on your moving experience, along with the feelings and thoughts that go with it. This verbal part can be in English, Nederlands or Bahasa Indonesia.

  • While I do have a course of action with regard to the therapy process and the sessions, it is not a prescription. I welcome your ideas should you have any, to make the therapy or coaching most effective for your situation.
  • The rates are indication, to cover my expenses and make an earning. There may be possibilities to get reimbursement or financial assistance.
  • The sessions will take place in a living room / atelier in the centre of Rotterdam (Agniesebuurt, <15 minutes walk from the Central Station). If you have your own location, I’m open for relocating our sessions, provided it’s easily reachable by public transport or bike.
  • Did I already mention that you don’t need any dance experience? I thought I’d stress that again 🙂

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.