In The Session

Each session follows this structure, with enough space for improvising based on what is alive in the moment.

  • Brief check-in (e.g. How is your energy level at this moment? Anything important since last session? How do you feel about working on theme XYZ today?)
  • Warming up, arriving in the here and now in our body, acknowledging non-judgementally the feelings and thoughts present in the moment.
  • Thematic exercises or improvisation (e.g. boundaries, autonomy, acceptance, intimacy, assertiveness, stress regulation, etc, related to your therapy goals). There are moments to pause, reflect, and regroup before moving on to the next exercise.

In our sessions, we work with the non-verbal language of the body and the movement – that is, our dance.

  • Journaling, both of us will make time to write down briefly our experience and observation during the session. Without being exhaustive, it would be useful for you to note down one or two most important experiences (e.g. Which experience(s) stood out in the session? Which emotions/thoughts/memories/images do you relate with the experience(s)? Which parts of your body were most active? How was your breathing? How would you describe your movement qualities?)
  • Closure, reflecting on your experience during the session, relating it to your therapy theme. There may be a “homework” to practice in your daily life, to be followed up in the next session.

We also talk, to reflect on your moving experience, along with the feelings and thoughts that go with it. This verbal part can be in English, Nederlands or Bahasa Indonesia.


Comments, Questions, Feedback

Questions about what happens in a session are often answered as you experience it yourself. If you have burning questions though, you can always contact me or leave a message below.