Why dance & movement

Does any of these sound familiar to you?

“Despite knowing my thought patterns, I keep hitting the same wall in my life. What am I doing wrong?”
“I feel so much sadness/loneliness/despair.. I cannot even find words to express it.”
“Oh, I know I can change when I want to. Just not now, I’m too busy [doing whatever]!”

We all have the capacity for thinking, feeling and doing. When facing a problem, quite often we rely on one functioning we’re most comfortable with or which is demanded of us. While sometimes it works, for a well balanced life, we need to grow the ‘muscles’ for all three. Dance/movement therapy is a safe training ground in which the integration of thinking, feeling and doing can take place. How we do this is by engaging our whole being – body, mind, emotions – in motion as well as in stillness.

Our body, mind and emotions are interconnected and influence one another. To move is to refresh, to activate. It changes the biochemistry in our body; it sparks our neurons and rewires the brainWhat is more… Our movement, bodily sensations, and non-verbal communication are a source of information. Our body keeps a living memory of our experiences up till now. Our movement patterns give us insight into our life stories. The way we move reveals our feelings, and to an extent, our personality.

So why dance? Why move our body?
Life itself is movement.
You may automatically tap your feet or nod your head to a happy tune.
In contact sport, you channel your aggression to win over an opponent.
You take a walk in the nature to ease out your frustration or sadness.
In e-motion lies motion.

This is not about learning someone else’s choreography.
This is about giving outer expression to your inner reflection.
This is about allowing your authentic dance to emerge from whatever moves you inside.
No dance experience is required. Your life experience is already plentiful.

If still in doubt whether dance/movement therapy is for you, contact me with your question.

Dance, dance! Otherwise we are lost.
~ Pina Bausch

What is dance movement therapy?

Dance movement therapy is an experience-based, body-oriented, creative therapy built upon a trusting relationship between the client and the therapist. It uses dance and movement to initiate a process of change. In a world that’s seemingly run by cognitive prowess and rationality, it’s our very own right to reclaim our body and emotions back. That’s … Continue reading What is dance movement therapy?

Tools & Methods

Inspired by my clinical experience, I adopt a mentalizing attitude as a therapist. That means, I’ll be curious about your mind and how it motivates your behaviours. I’ll be transparent in collaborating with you to find the right balance between accepting what there is and discovering areas you want to improve. In our sessions, we will work … Continue reading Tools & Methods

The Therapy Journey

You are the hero of your own story. And a hero’s journey is no ordinary one. That you seek therapy means that you have received the call. Will you accept this invitation for a transformative journey? When you set out on the journey, you will encounter various characters and also your dragon – your weakness, … Continue reading The Therapy Journey

In The Session

Each session follows this structure, with enough space for improvising based on what is alive in the moment. Brief check-in (e.g. How is your energy level at this moment? Anything important since last session? How do you feel about working on theme XYZ today?) Warming up, arriving in the here and now in our body, … Continue reading In The Session