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Irene's picHello! I am Irene Anggreeni, a dance movement therapist graduate from Codarts (Rotterdam, master) and ArtEZ (Enschede, post-hbo). In my therapy work, I draw from my diverse trainings (in dance, tai chi, sport, mindfulness), both my analytical and intuitive thinking, and my life experience as a multicultural person.
If you wish to work with me, I would advise you to contact me right away to plan a face-to-face meeting. First consultation (intake) is free and non-binding. If you are curious to know more about me, feel welcome to read below about my background.

My journey with dance & movement

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to dancing. I started in my early twenties. Back then I was a scholar in Sweden, and I stumbled in love with Lindy Hop. There’s rhythm, improvising, being social, attuning to the dance partner and a happy mood. This first love was so strong, that when I moved to Enschede (NL) I had to share it with friends. Since then I have been dancing through various styles & cultures: Argentine tango, ballroom dances, salsa and other latin dances, classical Egyptian dance (belly dance), classic ballet, modern dance, contact improv, among others. It was not until a personal crisis that I started to rediscover dance as a language of expression, reflection and personal spirituality. 5Rhythms, Authentic Movement and Joged Amerta have been treasured encounters in different periods of my life. I am fortunate enough to have met various people who get me in touch with this deeper layer of movement.


Yes, you can do this!

Next to dancing as a means of expression, I practice martial arts and sport climbing. They allow me to exercise discipline and perseverance. Most recently I train in the Yang style tai chi chuan to reconnect with my Chinese root. Grounded, precise, being in constant flow are among the qualities that I learn to apply in my daily life. As an avid climber I see myself getting in touch with my playful inner monkey. A brush with my survival instinct also keeps me in check on how I’m dealing with fear. With safety assured, each climb is an opportunity to confront my mental blocks. Each of these movement disciplines has opened doors into different areas of my personality which I can grow in.

Breathing in, breathing out

If you read above about my dance & movement journey, you might get the impression that I’m a busy body. Yes, I absolutely have that tendency. A human tendency to get oneself busy to avoid unpleasant reflection. Human doing, instead of human being. A life-changing process happened to me as I learned to slow down. Breathing in, breathing out, I’m aware that I’m alive. I’m privileged to have had the opportunity to practice with the Plum Village community. Being mindful of what’s happening in me, brings awareness to what’s happening around me. Acceptance, non-judgment and compassion are my life-long trainings that come with practicing mindfulness. I’m determined to apply these in my work. In the clinical setting I have worked with clients from young adults to elderly with various diagnoses. While such diagnostic (if available) will inform my approach, I meet my clients first and foremost as a person – not diagnostic labels.

Where I come from & where I’m going

Previously, I arrived in the Netherlands as a knowledge migrant and held various jobs in the engineering/design/research sector. Having discovered that my real passion lies in relating with fellow human beings, I follow this passion in the dance therapy profession. I meet my clients without any judgment as we create our ‘dance’ together. It could be to stimulate meaningful changes in their lives. But it could also be just a way of being with each other. In this therapeutic process, I always keep enough dose of skepticism of a scientist and critically see my own approach through the lens of science.

Before the Netherlands, Indonesia and Sweden have been my home. This experience of moving, settling, being exposed to various cultures, adapting, building and maintaining friendships, letting go to move forward, creating my own sense of home throughout, has shaped my cultural awareness, identity and life attitude. I empathise with and can help people in similar journeys, to navigate in between cultures with authenticity.

My current mission? Sing, dance, laugh, share, walk, breathe, play, work,
hug, whistle, climb – not necessarily in that order.

~ Irene


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