So You Think You Can’T Dance

So.. you really think so? Let’s give yourself a chance!

As we grow older, we tend to move less and less naturally. And before we know it, we claim that we really cannot dance. Subconsciously limiting ourself in this way can limit our life too. So let’s re-examine this self conviction!

If you can walk, you can dance – Zimbabwe proverb

In this course, we play with movement concepts, walk, kick, roll, jump, turn, just to name a few. We use dance improvisation and composition, with awareness of how we use different movement qualities.
We will also revisit our developmental movement patterns, through which we can experience more connectivity in our body.

All level of experience is welcome.
If you already dance a certain style, wonderful! Consider this course as going to the basics. Broaden your choice by exploring natural movements outside the boundaries of any specific dance style.

Sign up by email or call 06 41 28 67 22.
Your place is reserved when you receive a confirmation by email.

Wednesday 1815 – 1930 at CW de Banier, Banierstraat 2A Rotterdam

Pay-what-you-can policy: simply choose a fee that’s affordable for you.
Tryout lesson for € 5,-
Suggested fee €10,- per lesson / € 80,- for 10 lessons.

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